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Buffers c type 5 insert

Why Technigro?

  • High service level
  • Digital measuring on location
  • Location visit
  • Strong in advice
  • To think with the customer
  • Custom product development
Product Description

Plug-in buffers are suitable for a wide variety of applications. In addition to the package of standard plug-in buffers, we can also produce these buffers for you in the desired color. The required rubber quality is determined together with our product adviser.

Minimum purchase: approximately 1,000 pieces.

In the overview below you can see the available versions.
For advice and a competitive price, call +31 345-582288.

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Item codeItemabli
 RVB5154Buffer c push-in foot 7x12x16x6 type 5712166 To request
 RVB3377Buffer c insert base 7x13x15x6 type 5713156 To request